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Friday, January 3, 2014

2013 Blue Lion Year in Review- Part 5 of 6

Welcome to PART 5 of my 2013 review! This post will take us down from #5 in the countdown to #2 - My image of the year will be unveiled tomorrow here on the Blue Lion Blog! 

For this year’s review, I have selected 30 images that represent a combination of my personal favorite shots as well as my most widely viewed images on my website (, social media such as my Facebook page and my Twitter account (@BlueLionPhotos).

 I hope you enjoy this journey through my photographic year – I welcome your comments below as I savor getting to know how my images impact you the viewer! Each of the images is viewable and available for purchase by clicking on the image here, which will take you to my website. 

If you missed earlier posts in this retrospective series just click the links below! 

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#5 ~ Leopard Stare ~ Ngala Game Reserve, South Africa

#4 ~ Cheetah Portrait ~ Ngala Game Reserve, South Africa
#3 ~ Lilac Breasted Roller ~ Ngala Game Reserve, South Africa

#2 ~ Waterhole Sunrise ~ Ngala Game Reserve, South Africa

1 comment:

Cynthia McWilliams said...

Lilac Breasted Roller (saw one in SA in 2012) and waterhole.. It was a very good year John.. I enjoyed the galleries!