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Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013 Blue Lion Year in Review- Part 1 of 6

As 2013 winds down and I review my photography of the year, I have been enjoying spending time looking over the images I have produced this year. 2013 allowed me to explore my true love of nature photography through my amazing trip to South Africa and the Ngala Game Reserve in July as well as more local spots such as the Hagerman National WildlifeRefuge in North Texas, and the jewel that is the Texas Discovery Gardens in Dallas. I was also able to “shoot” some people in 2013 as I explored more Civil War reenactment photography at local events in Texas. Thanks to my wife’s love of theater, I have also started to dabble with doing cast images and some head shots of local community theater productions here in the Dallas Metroplex.

For this year’s review, I have selected 30 images that represent a combination of my personal favorite shots as well as my most widely viewed images on my website (, social media such as my Facebook page and my Twitter account (@BlueLionPhotos).
This review will occur in six parts with this post being my 10 “honorable mention” images. The remaining top 20 images will be divided into four more postings until the final image in revealed in a posting all by itself.

 I hope you enjoy this journey through my photographic year – I welcome your comments below as I savor getting to know how my images impact you the viewer! Each of the images is viewable and available for purchase by clicking on the image here, which will take you to my website. 
Young Lioness ~ Ngala Game Reserve, South Africa

Perching Owl Eye ~ Texas Discovery Gardens, Dallas, TX

Watchful Cheetah ~ Ngala Game Reserve, South Africa

"Fence Sitting" ~ Hagerman NWR, Sherman, TX
Young Male Lion ~ Ngala Game Reserve, South Africa
Northern Harrier Hawk ~ Hagerman NWR, Sherman, TX

Bluebird - 2071
Spring Blue Bird ~ Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, Glen Rose ,TX
Hedwig  - I was thrilled to meet one of the actual "avian actors" who played the part in the Harry Potter movies.
Ellies at Sunset ~ Ngala Game Reserve, South Africa
Blue on Blue ~ Hagerman NWR, Sherman, TX

Continue exploring the next five images in my 2013 Countdown -


Cynthia McWilliams said...

Hi John.. Out of these selections I vote for Harrier and Ellies ...tho' Cheetah is gorgeous too! Looking forward to next installments!

Kerri Farley said...

These are AMAZING!!!

John Mead said...

Thanks so much, Cynthia! As the "creator" of these images I have an even harder time picking my favorites. I have to say it's a really nice "problem" to have -- LOL

Pia said...

What a great variety of photos John! My favourite is "Fence Sitting" because birds are hard to shoot.