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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Scenic Sunday - Subsiding Storm

As I have expanded my forays into the blogosphere, I have discovered a couple of Blog Memes that have weekly posting along certain themes. I'll be sharing these through Blue Lion Blog and I encourage my visitors to visit other sites in the memes as well. As such, here is my first "Scenic Sunday" post. The rest of the Scenic Sunday posts for this week can be found HERE .

Today's image is inspired by the snowstorm that is unfolding outside my office window right now. This image is "Subsiding Storm" and was taken during the winter of 2009 from a helicopter over the Southern Alps of New Zealand's South Island. We had rented the chopper to get views of the highest peaks of the Southern Alps at sunset and managed to catch this view before the light really warmed up. The clouds rolled off these peaks and revealed a perfectly pristine blanket of snow. The image looks to be black and white, but it is really in color.... there are just not colors that were present to suggest anything other than a Black --> Grey --> white spectrum.


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Al said...

Fantastic photo, very wild looking. You've got a lot of great shots here. I love your list of favorite bands, we have similar tastes in music (except that I've never heard of the last band in your list, I'll have to check them out).

KT said...

What a dramatic photograph! I have never been to New Zealand nor in a helicopter - just gorgeous.

lisaschaos said...

Wow! how stunning!

Mama Zen said...

What an amazing shot!

Linnea said...

That's a view most of us won't ever see in real life! Wonderful and thanks for sharing it. Glad I found your blog!

Julie G. said...

Wow! Magnificent photograph of a spectacular scene! Remarkable depth and shadows. So glad I found your blog through Beverly Everson. A joy to view!

jabblog said...

What a perfect photo and a lovely memento of your trip.

Johnny Nutcase said...

that's a gorgeous scene!

s.c said...

Great shot NG worthy.