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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Blue Lion's Photos of the Week (July 27-August 3rd)

As I am about to depart to the wilderness of New Mexico for a 10 day backpacking trip with the freshman members of my school. I'll be out of touch  until August 14th, but thought you might appreciate a new feature here - "The Photo of the Week"! I look at all the images I have posted on the Blue Lion Photos website and can see which ones have drawn the most attention. The sources of views  vary widely from mentions of other blogs to Facebook fans, to postings I make at various photography websites, to Google searches. All these combined, give me the most viewed image of the past seven days.  For this time period, the most popular image is "Spires of Justice". This image was taken on Scott Kelby's 3rd International Photowalk in Denton Texas.  I loved the texture of the bricks as the sun was sinking lower in the sky and side lighting them to  bring out their uneven texture.Despite the sinking sun, the sky remained a rich shade of blue as it lost some of it's  lighter tones.

I hope every enjoys this image and I'll see you back here after  August 14th!

Spires of Justice


Craig Elliott said...

Great image; look forward to seeing more when you return

Digital Flower Pictures said...

It is a mighty fine picture. Have fun in New Mexico. That is one place that will always have a special place in my heart.

John S. Mead said...

Thanks! I'm back and it was a wonderful trip with great students and spectacular weather!