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Friday, July 23, 2010

New York City Composite Images - Part 1

On my latest visit to New York City the weather was generally poor for photography so I limited myself to mostly snapshots of places my daughter and I visited. Upon returning home, I could not resist playing with certain aspects of the images to come up with some more creative takes on what we had seen. Over the next few days I will share with you the fruits of these photographic tinkerings.

As you may  know from previous postings, I enjoy flags and incorporating them into my composite work when I can. My daughter and I visited the Statue of Liberty on a very stormy day and I was able to take advantage of the wind whipped flags to get nice shots of them waving  straight  out in the  breeze. I was then able to convert the best view into a Photoshop texture which serves as the background of this view of the "Lady Liberty" which was an initially disappointing shot thanks to the grey skies in the background.

Once I had the flag background in place, I was able to add the canvas texture and then place an extracted Statue of Liberty in the foreground.

Overall, I am  happy to get a workable composite image from what was a very ordinary snapshot.

Stay Tuned for the next installment featuring a founding father!

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