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Sunday, September 29, 2013


This bald eagle image was my very first photograph of a raptor. I was chaperoning my students on a field trip to a renaissance festival near Dallas. The festival had a small birds of prey demonstration. As a science teacher, I was immediately drawn to it, as renaissance festivals are not known for their plethora of “sciencey” offerings. The star of the show was this bald eagle who was missing most of its right wing as a result of a hunting mishap several years earlier. 

Click in the image to see the high resolution version

Thankfully, the wounded bird had been brought to a licensed animal rehabilitator and made as full a recovery as possible. Since it could no longer fly without the missing wing, it joined this show as an education ambassador to help young people appreciate the majesty of our national bird, but also to gain a better understanding of responsible hunting here in Texas. It was very used to having people close by and I was able to get this shot. I particularly like the detail in both the feathers and the eye – the success of this shot inspired me to seek out future chances to capture other animals in “portrait” style images! 


Barbara/myth maker said...

An incredible eagle portrait.

Kay L. Davies said...

Gorgeous photo, John, and I can tell by the detail here it must be just wonderful in high resolution, but I clicked on it several times and got a photo of a big cat eating a small hoofed animal in a tree.

Toad Hollow Photography said...

Absolutely astonishing, John, terrific details here, perfectly captured!!