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Thursday, August 1, 2013

On SAFARI - Hyenas and Wild Dogs

This is a short post to be able to share with loyal Blue Lion Blog readers the promised video of the Spotted Hyena – African Wild Dog showdown video that I have posted to my YouTube account.

The back-story is that we had seen a solitary Spotted Hyena resting near where we had reports of wild dog tracks from earlier in the day. After watching the hyena reclining, we went in search of the dogs and soon found them. In the short 10 minutes since we left the hyena, the dogs had managed to kill an impala and then have the hyenas (including the individual we had just left) steal it from them. The dogs pestered and harassed the hyenas and finally regained “ownership” of the carcass.

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Unknown said...

Nice to see so many heathly predators!