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Saturday, October 1, 2011

This REALLY is one of the "Good Guys"!

This week in my biology classes, we were learning how to use microscopes and also did a research project that included seeing over 20 different species of single celled creatures and a few micro invertebrates. My love of nature and photography also extends to this "micro-world" as well. The samples we were able to view yielded a number of interesting subjects that the vast majority (99.999994%) of people have never seen nor heard of. As such I will occasionally share such videos here to hopefully allow you to participate in some of what I call "Micro Safaris" 

Today's creature came from  a sample of pond water at our school's tiny pond. At first I thought I saw a Paramecium dividing, but then the micro annelid (segmented worm) named Aeolosoma wandered into view both amazing and disturbing those who saw it's fascinating and grotesque (to some) movement. 

As it turns out, Aeolosoma is a "good guy" that helps in the efficient breakdown of detritus (rotting gunk)on the bottom of ponds. It's presence in our pond sample is a sign of a healthy ecosystem.  

Now that you know this - take a risk and try to "enjoy" your visit with Aeolosoma

Please feel free to comment on this as I am especially interested in how people react to this unusual creature! Do you love it? despise it? curious about it? both amazed and yet repulsed?  Share your thoughts! 


☆Mama Ko☆ said...

Visiting here from camera critters,

Cheryl said...

I think this little guy is amazing. Love watching him navigate. Nice to know it's a good guy.

Kay L. Davies said...

I'll take your word for it, John. I failed Biology because I threw up on my frogs, and I'm still not ready for microorganisms on video. Tell Aeolosoma I wish him well with breaking down detritus, but I can't watch. :o)

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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GW Bill Miller said...

His locomotion is interesting as he is swimming rather than crawling. He goes this way and that looking for food I suppose. I was looking for mouth parts but didn't see any so can't tell how he eats. I don't find him disgusting but I would rather not find him in my drinking water. Your students are fortunate to have you for a teacher.

Love for Food and Photography said...

We are not used to see the microscopical life. At first sight could be a little disgusting. But if I think that is so helpful as a cute hedgedog, it's forgiven ;-)
Thank you for sharing this wonder!

Kerri said...

I think it's AWESOME!

Karen said...

I think it's fascinating!

Lisa RedWillow said...


Susan's domain said...

That's amazing and fascinating,thanks for teaching me something new