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Monday, July 18, 2011

Time to "Chill Out"!

As the temperature here in North Texas has remained above 100 degrees F for the past two weeks, I find myself fantasizing about "chilly" temperatures in the 90's .... To help combat this focus on the relentless heat, I thought I'd share one of the (literally) coolest photos I've taken.

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This image transports you to an ice cave - you are peeking out through a keyhole opening that lets you see one of the peaks of New Zealand's Southern Alps. This particular ice cave was part of Fox Glacier. I had a wonderfully chilly time there hiking and exploring the glacier for several hours after being dropped off by helicopter.

Should you ever find yourself in the town of Fox Glacier, I STRONGLY recommend a visit to this sadly, shrinking wonder on New Zealand's South Island.

This image is a view of a partially melted ice tunnel that made up it to the surface of the glacier. Looks to me like a great frozen "Slip & Slide"!

Here you can see me "cooling off" in one of the smaller cracks (crevasses) in the glacier.

I hope your visit here has cooled you off at least a bit! For my southern hemisphere friends, Please bookmark this post & revisit it next January! ;-) 


Karen said...

Now that is cool, in more ways than one! Temps here are going to be in the 100's all week, and I live in Canada!

Beverly said...

Very cool!! --all the way around! :)

Al said...

Very cool, that first shot is awesome. That's a part of the world I'd love to visit. One advantage to my altitude is that it doesn't get hot often, we've hit 90 degrees just once this summer so far. But the winters are another story...

Johnny Nutcase said...

holy crap! that's just awesome. I wanna go! I really love that second shot. Beautiful stuff!

Barbara/myth maker said...

I think you're very brave, exploring the glaciers the way you do. I'd have terrivble claustrophobia.

Real nice picture.

Julie G. said...

Ahh, very cool indeed! These absolutely sensational images remind me of similar sights seen on my trip to Antarctica. Absolutely breathtaking!

Linda Rockwell said...

What glorious, cooling photos for a hot summer evening. :)