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Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

During this spring season of rebirth and growth, we take a day to recognize and celebrate those women in our lives who play such a pivotal role in the outcome of each of our lives. From the nausea, cravings, and discomfort of the miracle of pregnancy and childbirth to the sleep deprived nights of infancy to the hyper vigilance of the active toddler years through the terrible twos (and Threes!) and teaching us how to be more self sufficient as we grew from childhood into the mazes of the tween and teen landscapes. From friendly advice to heartfelt admonitions, to some extra cash when the account was low, our mothers have each shared of themselves in a myriad of ways (blood sweat and tears) that has molded us into the successes we are today.

Moms are there to listen to our trials and tribulations.

All Mine!Yellowstone National Park
Moms teach us to share
Bad Hair Day Fossil Rim Wildlife Park, Glen Rose, Texas
Moms teach us that beauty is more than skin deep!
Wasp visiting a Thistle Bud
Moms help take the sting out of life's unpleasantries
Baby Chacma Baboon digging for grubs.Chobe National Park, Botswana
Moms give us the freedom learn things on our own...

but they are there to carry us when we get overwhelmed!

Moms help show us the right paths in life.
Watchful Ladies
Moms stand by us even when we are big enough to think we know better ;-)

To all the MOMS of the world, you have the EVERLASTING LOVE of your sons and daughters!
In short Mom, You're ONE OF A KIND!

PS - feel free to send this to a special MOM in your life to let her know you appreciate all she's done for you.


Elijah Goodwin said...

Nice post John!

Lisa RedWillow said...

Beautiful. Each photo is so beautiful. So nicely said.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Julie G. said...

Love this! Your expressed sentiments along with the wonderful images make for a most outstanding post.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely lovely tribute!

Kerri said...

Excellent post!

Beverly said...

Sweet!!! Well done!

Cindi said...

Beautiful post and photos!

Fotokarusellen said...

This is really a great set of images. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I love your photos. Each one is just gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing each one with us.

Linda said...

Lovely Mother's Day sentiments!

Marie said...

Aw, that's so sweet!

Visiting via Camera Critters :-)

wifetoalineman02 said...

beautiful views and it :-) Dropping by from Camera Critters