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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Photo of the Year 2010 (Part 1)

Welcome to the final days of 2010! I have just gone through the statistics from the past year and compiled a list of the top 4 photos on www.Blue Lion Photos from January 1st until today, December 30th. Tonight I shall reveal the 3rd & 4th place finishers. Tomorrow I shall reveal the runner up for 2010 and on New Year's Day 2011, I will share the Photo of the Year for 2010.

The 4th place finisher is one of my US Flag composites that I first created in February for President's Day. It is called "Eagle Pride" and has been a popular choice for folks wanting to give a gift to young men they know who are earning their Eagle scout honor in the Boy Scouts of America.

Click in the image to see it in the original gallery

The 3rd place finisher is probably the photo I have talked about more than any other one I have taken. I titled this one "Three of a Kind". These three bunnies were found on the campus of the school where I teach during a construction project. Students brought them to me and another teacher with a great degree of concern. Later that day Mama rabbit was located and the whole family was relocated to an East Texas ranch. This is a popular choice as a card and sells well at craft fairs as it has a wide appeal and high "cute" factor.  

Three of a Kind
Click in the image to see it in the original gallery

Stay tuned for the runner up which I will post tomorrow!

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