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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Photos of the Week - Halloween 2010

In honor of Halloween, this week's Photo of the Week is shared between two images that capture different aspects of Halloween. The first image is titled, "BOO!" and relates the fun & playful factor that seems evident on this Eurasian Eagle Owl Chick's face. His orange eyes just screamed "Halloween" to me so clearly that I made him the "October" page of my 2011 Blue Lion Photos Calendar.

Eurasian Eagle Owl ChickCenter for Birds of Prey, Awendaw, South Carolina
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The second image is brand new to me as I took it yesterday (10/30/10) at the Dallas Zoo. The bird is the endangered Waldrapp Ibis (AKA – Northern Bald Ibis, or the Hermit Ibis). Oddly, this is the only member of the Ibis family that is NOT a wading bird. They lived in the Middle East & Northern Africa and have become critically endangered with only an estimated 500 wild birds remaining in a Moroccan population. One look at these birds reveals their "spooky" and "sinister" countenance. I especially find their neck feathers to be a great addition to their unique look. To me they seem to be the Edgar Allen Poe of birds. However, this bird's portly girth suggests a more "Alfred Hitchcock" look to some!

Waldrapp IbisDallas Zoo
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Enjoy your Halloween and may your treats outnumber the tricks!


1 comment:

K.C. Mead said...

Your Boo! owl is one of my very favorite of all your photos thus far -- and that's saying something :] it's just so playful and yet so clear and artful -- well done, my padre, well done :] and a very Happy Halloween!