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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Kaikoura Sunrise Follow up ..... LOBSTERS!

Several folks have emailed me asking for more information about what the "lobsters" I mentioned in the previous post really looked liked. to satisfy curiosity I am posting this image I took on our tour of the lobster packing plant that cold packed the live lobsters for ground transport to Christchurch and then via air to Hong Kong and other large Asian cities.

To give you a size reference, the feet you see in this  are size 11 US sneakers! While these are large lobsters, they were certainly not the largest we saw there. These lobsters were cooked and given to us as a gift. Had we ordered them in a Hon Kong restaurant, we were told the price would be several hundred US  dollars!


Hope said...

those are so huge.. ti was nice that they "gave" them to you..hope they tasted good.

Laura said...

Poor lobsters. :(

John S. Mead said...

It really helped that our guide was close friends with the foreman of the fishing company!

I'm told they were truly delicious. As a person who dislikes seafood in general, I thought they were "not horrible" - LOL