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Monday, July 12, 2010

Join this year's International Photo Walk!

For any of you who are itching to get out and shoot (photographically!) you might consider joining the 2010 International Photo Walk. A Photo walk is when a group of photographers (your skill level/ experience is irrelevant!) get together and walk around an area and shoot images and share the experience. Afterword, they share their photos. It's a fantastic way to meet other like minded folks and enjoy some photographic fellowship. This year's big event occurs on July 24th. Check the link below to see about joining one near where you live! Again - no experience (or fancy gear) needed!

The Third International Photo Walk

This could be a great way for you shake yourself out of a photographic rut and discover people and places near you that help spark your photographic muse.

I'll be attending the Photo Walk in Denton, Texas that  night and I'll be posting my favorite images here.

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