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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Three of a Kind

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This photo, "Three of a Kind" is currently the most popular photo at Blue Lion Photos. Several years ago when the school where I teach was preparing to demolish the main building as part of a large campus face lift, students found these three bunnies "abandoned" in the grass of the main quad. Being a science teacher, I was quickly brought over to help. To our dismay, mother rabbit was not around and I knew the odds of these three surviving without her were slim at best. Another teacher and I gathered then up so they would not be accidentally stepped on as they were literally inches off a main pathway. As we were moving them by hand from the quad grass to a box someone had fetched, I took this image. I love what it says about the power of humanity. These hands have the ability to make or break the lives of these little fellows. It seems a nice metaphor for our relationship with all life on Earth. Do we act as protectors or destroyers......that question confronts us as a species on a daily basis.

We were lucky enough to encounter mother rabbit a few hours later and she and her litter were relocated to a spot away from any dangers posed by the impending construction of two new school buildings on the quad where they had been found. In the end. all was well with these adorable lil' bunnies.

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